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About this photo

Hi ! I'm Maria, 22 years old, Civil Engineering student from barcelona .
I love animals and yeah... that may sound cynical considering I love to eat chicken too but I would never be able to hurt or kill one , I also like games, anime (big freak) and the reason I am here is because I'm willing to learn new languages and cultures and make online friendship with new penpals .

also i'm planning on doing my studies in some foreign country after finishing my bachelor's degree so i might learn another language with help of you dear pen pals ^-^

*** I only want to make Penpal FRIENDS! ***

Please Say something more than "hi" :D
And don't ask for my personal information please.

BE NICE BEST Penpal friend !

No perverts please !

My Language Exchange Requests ARE
english or german native penpal speaker please.
if you don't speak any of these languages you can still write me!
i think all the languages are beautiful.

Hablo español perfectamente, podria ayudarte a practicar si eso quieres.

My Hobbies & Interests
Civil geek
cats & dogs
dramas & movies
gaming (resident evil, gta, battlefield, call of duty, fallout)
reading books
FC Bayern München