i like to have new japanese penpals

About this photo

Hello, I'm Amber. I'm a senior college student majoring in Business. Go Bruins! I want to meet people or actually new penpals from all over the world and learn about their culture, language and life experience.

I like pen pals who are creative, motivated, has a good sense of humor, can carry an intelligent conversation, and last but not least, carry themselves with an air of success.

I'm looking for a reliable language exchange partner . I want to improve my Japanese, so if you are fluent or are a native speaker and want to help me, please send me a message. If anyone needs help with English, I'd be glad to help.

my Hobbies & Interests:

I like to run, go to the gym, hang out with my friends, shopping, watch movies, read novels, travel, Japanese food (I love sushi and sashimi), photography, and go to the beach.

my Favorite Musics :

The Beatles, Beyonce, DJ Calvin Harris, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Daft punk, The Ramones, The Police, Muse.

i want japanese penpals :)

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