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Hello! 안녕하세요. 你好。
My name is Emilia, I live in Po

emilia10 , Poland
19 years old

Hi ~^^
My name is Natalia but my friends call me

tttasia , Poland
19 years old

Hi! My name is Anna and I'm 20. I live in Poland a

stylowan , Poland
21 years old

Hi, My name is Ania and I'm 14 years old~ I'm from

sominah , Poland
13 years old

私は 私 はポーランド人です。

lina_p , Poland
31 years old

Hello everybody! 
My name is Ola and I would like

sweetie_ , Poland
19 years old

Hi, my name is Przemek, I'm university student and

foxtrot9 , Poland
23 years old

I'd like to know a lot of people from around the w

usamonka , Poland
21 years old

I'm Julia 
I'm 15 
I'from Polan

julia689 , Poland
16 years old

Hello Everyone 今日は、みんなさん
My name is Bartek. I'm 25

atrin09z , Poland
26 years old

Hi, im Robert
I live now in Poland, I like to mee

higure , Poland
45 years old

My name is Wiktoria. 
I am from Poland in Euro

wiktoria , Poland
14 years old