Philippines – penpal

Philippines – penpal?

I have an assignment on Asia, i have to pick a country so i picked the Philippines. I would like a pen pal from the Philippines to talk to about this and get there impression/feelings/ETC… about their country. I would also like to be friends too (: 

im looking for someone in high school, preferably 13-15 
they have to be nice of course, and they don’t mind telling me about their way of life and their country (: 

of course the way i have written this, it sounds like im a bad person. but don’t take it that way! 

I have looked on the internet about this and i can only find dating sites which i am totally not interested in, im only asking so i can get a person from that country’s point of view, please help me out if you can (: 

Thanks, Maddy.

And i dont want to Mail someone, i would prefer emailing. (:

How about using this website? 

There are 98 Philippines looking for penpals. 
Actually I have a penpal from Philippin. 
Now we are best friends though we are e-mail friends. 
I think we can meet someday. 🙂 

Hope I helped 🙂

find them in their facebook accounts. Filipino kids are no more fond of penpals. Use email, ask them to join fans club, create farm village, or challenge to an online game.

i can help you. 🙂 i’m 14 yrs old btw.

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