I have a crush on my penpal ?

I have a crush on my penpal ?

I started talking to my penpal in June. We met on interpals.net and we have talked almost everyday from June when we met. I am from Melbourne he is from Germany. We have so many things in common and when I went through a tough period of time he was the only person who comforted me. I am bisexual but I do not know if he is straight or gay. He has never had a girlfriend, we never talk about girls and I have never felt like this about anyone else. 

On many occasions we have told each other how special our relationship is and it got to a point where I began to have deeper feelings for him. 
We write letters to each other, instant message and even skype regularly, so I know he is genuin. Should I say anything? How can I find out if he feels the same way for me. Yesterday I got a message from him saying how I make him feel important. I’m only torn because I have never met him. I am also 19 years old and he is 20. Next year he has invited me to stay with him when I go to Germany, I want to accept but I am afraid that if I say something and I am wrong he will take back the invitation. 

Is it weird to have feelings for someone I’ve never met? 
What should I do?


 First I would normally say be careful about any guy who you talk to online even a penpal site that shows initial sympathy and support when your going through a problem or issue. They usually show their true colors soon after and try to manipulate the situation for selfish gains 

Saying that, reading your question it clearly shows me he has not done so. He has shown patience and sensitivity to you and you seem to be interacting well. 

Nothing is perfect in this life and there are no guarantees online or otherwise about making a mistake in pursuing a person intimately! Online more so because its harder to make a connection until youve spent time together and once you are lets face it. The guys usually let their hormones get the better of them and all that was before fades! 

girls are left feeling disapointed and wondering. did he care? did he love me? or was it just lust? 

I spoke to girls who waited a year and they meet and bang the guy turns feral! so saying that time doesnt mean anything here either! 

You need to ask yourself, ok he helped me through an issue and he was kind and patient and supportive. But could i of gotten that from a female friend ? would it of made any difference? or was i looking for a guy all the time? 

am i falling for him because he appeals to me? or am i falling for him because he helped me out and im mistaking this for supportive friend? 

If your clear in your heart and mind you like him for him then go for it. As I said before, it wont prevent a mistake happening but at least youll go into this with a determined and focused head! 



Don’t say anything. 
Go visit and if nothing happens when you are staying there, you have your answer.

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