I would like to find a penpal

I would like to find a penpal ???

okay if you would like to be my penpal just go to my profile and email me. I’m online like everyday and might do IM if all goes well. Ummmmmm…………… things to know 

I’m a 13 yr old girl 
I love country music 
I dont care if youre a boy or girl 
Ages 12-16 

Thats about it. If you want to know more- EMAIL ME!!!! 


 hey that sounds cool!!! but to tell u the truth im not really sure wat penpal means!! i being totally honest here!! i mean ive heard of it and everything, and i think i no the idea of it but im stil not too sure! but still ill email u and ask u wat it means! lol..hope i answered ur question and gud luck! ☺ 

ok after u emailed me and told me about it..I think I understand what it means! and i guess i was right what I was thinking about it! but anyways..sure I will be your penpal! 

Im a thirteen year old girl. I love hip hop music. I have a 6 year old sister.. My birthday is on October 4th. And I’ll tell you more about me when I email you. But Im sorry I wont be able to tell you my real name…adress, fone #, school name, and pictures or anything like that. Hope we can be friends soon! ☺

I already have a bunch of e-pals but if you really want some e-pals online there’s this site that is very effective with alot of good e-pals to meet. 

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  1. Hi helow I,d like a penpal that we can share and exchange different knowledge,skills,experiences cultural backgrounds from difference places of the world. Well if you that person also having similar thoughts..then why not connect me . Thanks very much..

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