Why my penpal friend is so avoidant ?

Why my penpal friend is so avoidant?

I have a penpal friend for 5 years now. We share everything and have become very good friends. 
She is always there via email and is so supportive, via email, we’re like sisters. 
But we live in different cities and she still avoids phone calls and gift sharing and so on. 
Why is she so avoidant? 
How can I make her feel easier and more comfortable?

 I have penpals who are very close friends, whom I have visited twice in their country. But because their English ( though quite good), is not good enough to make them feel comfortable talking on the phone or in webcam chat. They prefer writing, which gives them time to think about what I have said (and use a dictionary if need be) and to word their replies. I can easily understand this, as I know only a few phrases in their language. As for gifts, they have very little money to spare, and I do not expect anything from them. Their love and friendship is more than enoughm and a great joy to me.

Have you two only talked to each other through emails? She may feel uncomfortable about other forms of contact with people and not just you. Maybe she is really busy or going through a rough patch right now and needs time alone. 
I would give her space and see if she comes around. It could be the Holidays too. Maybe afterwards she’ll have more time? 
You seem like a good friend so I’m sure she is just a little preoccupied.

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