How can i meet my penpal ?

How can i meet my penpal ?

well ive got a penpal from New Zealand and ould absolutly LOVE to meet her !!! She is such a nice perosn and we get on really well. We email each other everyday and talk oon the phone every weekend. But the problem is im only 13 and i live in Scotland 🙁 so we are quite far aprt. So i was wondering how could i meet her ? Would i need to wait till im older ? or what ? 
thanks everyone x

 Thats one of the good and bad things about penpal. We always want to find a penpal thats not our friend, far away from where we live if possible so that we can exchange cultures, share secrets/gossips and share each other’s feelings. 

Like in your situation, you two seem to very good friends and if only she’s near you, you’d probably meet up by now. 

However, as your only 13yrs old and live very far away, its best to keep that aside for the moment because flying all the way there could be risky, dangerous and costly. It might not be worth it in the end. If you two are bestfriends and close penpals, waiting for a few years when your older should not be a problem. 

Nowadays, with Skype and MSN, chatting on webcam, it won’t cost you anything at all. If you like talking on the phone, long distance calls are relatively quite cheap if you done your research correctly and not talk like hrs where its going to break your parent’s bank account. 

So yes, wait till your older.. Its not about seeing each others, its about the heart inside..

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