Italian penpal ?

Italian penpal?

hey i have this penpal from italy…..i have no clue what they have in italy and what they dont have….so i need some help. ive never been to italy 🙁 but anyways!!!! what american products would be cool to send there that they wouldnt have?? he is 19 years old 

It’s very difficult to find something that is available in the US and not in Italy; you should search something that meet more his/her interest. For instance, even if both books and comic books are easily available in Italy in both translated and original English language, you could choose a novel or a comic book (especially from smaller publisher) the genre he/she likes, especially one you like very much too. 
about shirts with writings on them, if you search through Italian section (in Travel or Culture), you’ll find out Americans who travels to Italy are usually recommended not to wear those kind of shirts since they will identify them as “American tourists”; shirts with words are not that popular in Italy, but that doesn’t mean nobody wear them; as for above, you could look for a “themed” shirt that meet the interest of your penpal, with or without writings; for instance, back to comic books, if your pen-pal like superheroes, an original american Superman or Spider-Man shirt or hat will be appreciated for sure, even if comic book fans can easily get them in Italy as well. The same if he/she is a Mac or Linux user, for instance. 
Perhaps, if you like sports and he/she too, you can think something about the American team you like, even if he/she don’t even follow that specific sport, that’s something more difficult to find in Italy.

they love having things with english words written on them. when I went to italy (Naples!) they wore a lot of shirts with american sayings and words. maybe send a us dollar and a bracelet with some english word.

Since the dollar is so low on euro you could try sending some trandy comic.

Mammucia mia . Ma gli Italiani , dove sono ? 
Il uomo vuole una risposta !!!

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