Where can I find Danish penpals?

Where can I find Danish penpals?

I’m looking for penpals fluent in Danish and English. Male or female. Please don’t direct me to any sites where registration is necessary, and I’m not looking for some sort of subscription that I have to pay for. If you are Danish yourself (or can speak Danish), leave me your Facebook link and I’ll add you!

here is a good website to find new danish penpals :
citymity social network for penpals

 I don’t know this site, but when I did a search for penpals in Danish it popped up and it looks quite good: 


The links sends you to the site where you can place and ad for penpals. Everything is in Danish, but just write in English. Here’s a bit of help with the form: 

Navn = Name 

Ønsket kodeord = Desired password 

Email = e-mail (obviously) 

Du er = You are 

Vælg = Choose 

…and then the drop down list is: Barn 0-15 år = Child 0-14 years, Ung 15-22 år = Young 15-22 years, Mand +22 år = Man +22 years, Kvinde +22år = Woman +22 år. 

Alder = Age 

Annonce overskrift = Advertisment title 

Tekst = Text 

Make sure you write exactly what kind of penpal you are looking for. Try to look at the other ads and run them through google translate to get the gist of what other people are searching for. 

Best of luck with finding a penpal. I used to have a lot when I was younger, some of which are still good friends more than 20 years later. 🙂


You can use Livemocha and citymity penpals – both are international websites for pen pals for learning foreign languages.

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