Some Gifts to Send To Your Pen Pals

How are the holidays coming already? It feels like only last year you were preparing a Christmas care package. Not to fear, we’ve got you covered with a list of awesome and inexpensive gifts to send your Pen Pal friend.

Gifting doesn’t have to be an expensive feat. It’s also way more fun to do than regular shopping, and there’s no limit to fun things to send in the mail.

And so here’s our list of definitive gift ideas for your CityMity Pen Pals. Snail mail ideas that actually fit through the mailbox and make your Pen Pal’s holiday!

1. Zines

How long has it been since you made one of these? Zines are back with a bang. All you need is some paper, pens, and your imagination. Its really interesting and eye catching .

send zines to pen pals

2. Travel Journal

Travelers should always keep travel journals. If your pen pal likes to see new countries, get them a small inexpensive notebook and decorate it especially for them!

3. Pressed Flowers

The Victorians created their own language using flowers. Why not press a leaf or flower to send to your pen pal? Simply place it between the pages of a book and leave it there for a while.

send handmade jwellery gifts to your pen pals

4. Handmade Jewelry

Whether you make it yourself or find some at a local store or Etsy, handmade jewelry is a totally unique gift to give.

send Tea bags to your pen pals

5. Tea Bags

One of the best care packages one of my pen pals ever sent me included tea bags. This is a crazy cool idea for those who live in England, too. There’s a tea for everything!

6. Stickers

There are lots of sticker packs out there with more variety than you could ever dream of. Send your penpal some of the strangest ones or cutest ones you come across.

7. Postcards

I love rifling through old boxes of photographs and postcards at antique stores. Try and find one that was actually used as a postcard too – see what the person who wrote it said to their pen pal.

8. Candy

Candy is different the world over. The candy you get in the States is so much different to the candy you get elsewhere. TRADESIES.

9. Mixtapes

Mixtapes (or CDs) don’t have to go out of style just because streaming is in. Send your pen pal a mix of all your favorite songs or songs you want them to hear! Old-school-style.

10. Friendship Bracelet

You’re never too old for a friendship bracelet. Make one to send to your pen pal. For that extra sentiment, you can also make it using the red thread of fate.

11. Writing Sets

Everybody needs a good writing set, especially your pen pal. There’s also no such thing as too many envelopes! It just means that you guys can write even more cool letters.

12. Socks

Despite what you thought as a kid, socks are awesome. They’re also super mailable! Why not send that funny pair you saw last week?

13. Luggage Tags

I don’t want to live in a world that has “too many” of these. Luggage tags are a cool gift for your traveling pen pals.

Make your own fortune cookie with your own message inside! Your pen pal will never expect it.

15. Coins

I still have a Lira from a pen pal who went to Italy in the 90s. Unless both you and your pen pal use the same currency, this is always a really cool and special idea.

16. Drawings and Doodles

Even if you’re convinced you can’t draw, including cute or funny doodles is a great letter idea.

17. Maps and Guides

If you met your pen pal on the pen pals app, they must be super interested in people and places. Fold up a map of cities you’ve visited and throw in a couple of guides. 🌍

18. Newspaper Clippings

Did something really funny happen in your local newspaper you want to share with your pen pal? Do it!

19. Ticket Stubs

This goes for cinema tickets, concert tickets, sporting events, and even bus, plane or travel tickets. It beats throwing them away.

20. A Bookmark

Bookmarks are a gift everyone should have but not everyone does. Make sure your pen pal has one this Christmas – maybe send them a book too.

21. Pens or Pencils

Like envelopes and paper, you and your pen pal can never have too much stationary. Keep them stocked up!

22. Posters

Maybe you have the same favorite band or you’ve seen a movie poster that reminds you of them. These can always be folded up…

23. Cards

Greetings cards don’t have to be separate to a care package, they can be part of one. Furthermore, you can throw in more than one!

24. Iron-On Patches

They’re small, they’re light, and most importantly, they’re making a comeback. This way, your pen pal can say, “Look what my penpal gave me!”

taroot cards for pen pals

25. Tarot Cards

You don’t have to be spiritual for this, but you also can be. If your pen pal has been having a hard time lately, send them a tarot card that gives them strength or well wishes.

Finally, for all your non-pen pal friends – why not get them the gift of PEN PALS? After all, it’s free.

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