Find russian pen pals

find russian pen pals
find russian pen pals

In this article i want to introduce you some russian pen pals who likes to have pen pal friends and foreigner friends from foreigner countries. You can read these russian pen pals request and interests to find which one is best for you to make friendship.

If you were not interested in these russian pen pals and want to see and find more russian pen pals from this country we have some links for you at the end of this article to search through our members and find a russian friend you like. Read and enjoy your friendship 🙂

1. Pasha , 16 years old russian girl from Russia :

hi i’m pasha. I live in Russia and I have a dream vitis USA and South Korea and maybe to live in any of the countries in the future. I like drow, watch political programs and play in ps4. I very like paper letters and if you want we may text this way! In my life I visited about 19 countries and my favorite is Germany and Italy.

2. Andrew , 16 years old russian boy from Russia:

Hi. I’m Andrew. I want to improve my english and get to know different cultures and make new friends and I want to chat. Waiting for your votes will be to say, but I ‘m waiting for your messages :

3. Olga , 18 years old girl from russia looking for pen pals:

Hello! My name is Olga. I study at the College of Arts and I really enjoy drawing. I also like to watch drama movies and TV shows, listening to music, singing and staying away from home for a long time. I love cats! My English is not very good, but I really would like to find foreign friends. I will be glad to everyone!

4. Somraya is waiting for pen pals who likes to learn russian :

Hello everyone! I have long dreamed of finding a true pen pal friend by correspondence. I do not know why, just such a dream. So that we write to each other mountains of long letters, in which they would talk about everything in the world and that this same person would eventually become like my own. Hahaha, it sounds vanilla, but what to do)

5. Ksenia is a 21 year old russian girl looking for pen pals

Hello everyone~ My name is Kseniya. I’m from Russia. I want to make new friends and improve foreign languages. I don’t care about your appearance, your age, nationality or other things. If you’re not boring person, I’ll be glad to communicate with you 😉

In this link you can see Russian pen pals has pen pal request in our website.

And in this link you can see pen pals who traveled to russia and shared photos from russia.

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