25 things to write to a pen pal about

25 things to write to your pen pal about

So, you’ve exchanged a few letters with your pen pal and are now wondering what things to write about next.  I’ve had a couple of emails asking for ideas on this topic, so thought I’d put together a blog post for you.  Here we go:


  • Tell them about your weekend & include something fabulous that you did.
  • Share a favorite recipe and include some background information about it.
  • Do you have any trips coming up soon, or are you saving for a special holiday somewhere in the world?
  • Where are your dream destinations to visit and ask your pen pal about their favorite places too.
  • A good movie that you’ve watched lately – or perhaps a list of movies that you love.
  • Share what your average day looks like, from breakfast through to bed. This might seem boring to you, but it’s always interesting to hear how other people fill in their day.
  • What creative project are you working on right now and then extend this by telling them about the materials used, time frame and any other details. Take a photo of your project and include it in your letter.
  • Is your pen pal from overseas? If so, tell them about some traditions that you have in your country.
  • Do you have any family traditions that you can share with your pen pal?
  • Write about how you relax and unwind at the end of a day, or after work.
  • Talk about your favorite television shows or what type of music you’re loving at the moment.  Who are you favorite bands or singers?
  • Do you have a backyard?  Maybe it’s filled up with a trampoline and swing set, or you’re longing for a veggie garden.  Perhaps you keep chooks, grow flowers or weeds.  Tell your pen pal about this, include a photo or sketch out your yard – people are always curious as to what their pen pals surroundings are like.  Ask your pen pal to share some things about their yard too.
  • With Christmas approaching you could fill an entire letter on this subject – perhaps make it a theme for one letter and talk about all things Christmas, if you celebrate it of course!  There are lots of things that fall under this subject – festive decorations in the home, gifts that you’re giving, gifts you’re hoping to receive, your tree (real or fake), how you spend the day, traditions, meal plan, festive baking, holiday plans, what you do on Boxing day, the weather in your city at this time of year, whether you send out cards or not and whether you dress up all fancy for the day.
  • Your favorite foods.
  • Five things that make you happy.
  • Your fears and/or things that you’re scared of.
  • What book are you reading at the moment, what is your favorite book of all time, what books are on your wish list?
  • If you’re a magazine reader, tell your pen pal about which ones you buy.  Perhaps pop a pre-loved magazine in the post for them to enjoy.
  • If you have a crafty stash, tell your pen pal what’s in it, where you store everything and if you have a designated craft room.  Include a photo or two with your letter.
  • Something that’s inspiring you at the moment.
  • Your favorite month or season and why.
  • Share something fun, like what do you keep in your handbag and ask your pen pal to share their details too.
  • Are you a night owl?  How many hours of sleep do you have each night?  How do you fill in your evenings?
  • What’s in your neighbourhood?  Tell you pen pal about your immediate surroundings, describe the area and tell them something you love about living where you do.
  • What are you addicted to?

My top tip would be to just cover one or two topics per letter and if you include some related questions to your pen pal, then it also gives them something to write back to you about.  Hopefully you’re now ready to write, write, write!





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