How to Write to a Pen Pal for the First Time

Making friends with a pen pal is easy if the other person is interested. Although some think that having a pen pal is an inefficient way to communicate, others view it as an overlooked, lost art and a lot of fun.


Find the pen pal. There are plenty of pen pal services on the web such ass social network for pen pals , or you might adopt somebody you already know from chatting.
Send letters to a variety of people. Do not be too selective at first. You can´t always select a person only for his/her profile. Some people only create a profile and never again open the page to see if anyone wrote them. You may have to try a few different people before you find someone who is the best match.
Say how you found the person. If you are contacting them through an online service, name it.
Read their profile and make reference to it. “I see that you are interested in bicycling. How long have you been riding?” This can be a good segue to describing your own interests.

  • If you have anything in common, state that, too. “I like to bike, too, but only on the road. I haven’t started mountain biking.”
  • If you can’t find much in common, you could remark on that instead. “Would you believe I’ve never ridden a bicycle? I’ve thought about it but I never quite learned.
State your own interests. You can mention some hobbies or activities that are your favorites. If you have a particular goal in corresponding, such as learning another culture or language, say that, too.
Don’t overdo it. The first letter you send doesn’t need to be too long. You don’t need to tell your life story. Instead, focus on introducing yourself and giving your new pen pal something to talk about in their next letter.
Ask a few questions. Don’t make them too personal. General questions about their hobbies or interests are good. Asking questions gives them something to talk about in their reply and is a good way to invite a response.
Keep personal details general. Say the state or country that you live in, not the address. Say your first name, not your full name.
Conclude the letter in a way that leaves things open and invites a reply. “I look forward to getting to know you better and I hope to hear from you soon.”
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