SNAIL MAIL IDEAS For all your Snail Mail Ideas and new penpals!


For all your Snail Mail Ideas and new penpals!

Snail Mail Ideas is founded in Augustus 2014, when I was checking out the hashtag #postcrossing. I was already postcrossing for 2 years and was curious to cards of others. Between that hashtag I also saw the hashtag #snailmail. A whole new world opened for me! I started postcrossing because it would be cool to get something from another country. But this snail mail thing, what it was for  me at that moment looked so cool! Even though I never was creative with crafting and more beeing creative as webdesigner on my computer. I was looking if there was a website where you can find all the inspiration and find penpals but there wasn’t so I started the website Snail Mail Ideas to inspire other people and connect them. I didn’t even started snail mailing right away, I just enjoyed seeing the mail from others! But after 2 months I also started with snail mailing with joining my own organized secret pen pals projects and so it began! Now after 1,5 year I still have the same pen pals and of course some new ones and all love their creativity!

Since the start in August 2014 I started to organize secret letter and gift projects,started an Etsy shop and since August 2015 also a Youtube channel with tutorials!

After 1,5 year I felt like the website wasn’t fitting my style anymore, I wanted to blog  and communicate as myself and connect more people in another way then the secret penpal projects. So 2016 will be the start of my webshop with my own designed stickers and cards, blog posts and the penpal service! Where you can subscribe to get penpals! I hope you enjoy all the inspiration and tutorials I share with you this year!

And a little more about myself. My name is Amber, I am 24 years old from the Netherlands and working as a full-time  conversion and social media specialist. So I am running Snail Mail Ideas in my free time!

If you want to contact me just send me an email to info [at]  ?

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