Christian Penpals :: Make Email Friends @ Christian Penpals .com!

Christian Penpals :: Make Email Friends @ Christian Penpals .com!

Christian Pen Pals .com is one member of a growing network of Christian web sites which we call the ‘Christian Web‘, with ChristianWeb .com (currently under construction) being the main ‘portal’ to all the sites in our network as well as other fine Christian web sites that we may link in the future. Currently the ‘Christian Web’ includes Christian CHAT .com and Christian and this site, Christian Pen Pals .com (these alone keep us quite busy!), but in the future if time permits (and if funding permits), we hope to release the official Christian Web .com site and other useful Christian web sites.


How we are funded

We are not a big organization in a big building. We are a simple Christian family, united with several volunteers in a few different countries. We operate on faith and an extremely tight budget. We collect no funds at all for screening and posting the thousands of pen pal ads (and hundreds of photos) that you see on this site, nor do we charge anything for providing email support for all these users.

We do get a lot of help from friends who serve as Christian Web staff (screening new pen pal ads, providing email support, monitoring the chat rooms, etc.) and who act as treasurers in their respective countries (to receive membership fees sent through our Pay by Mail Honor System).

We have a membership system which helps protect our site from abusive use by restricting access to certain features to members only. The membership system also provides needed funding to support the literally thousands upon thousands of hours of labor behind these sites as well as hardware, software, and server hosting expenses.

Membership fees are set at the bare minimum necessary to ensure our continued operation. Current membership rates are $2/mth for access to all our sites (but must pay for one year at a time — i.e. $24). We feel that being member-supported is no less honorable than being sponsor-supported (we would argue that it is actually more honorable), and we think that believers should be glad to give a couple dollars per month to support a service from which they derive so many hours of benefit from every week (if not every day). We do however have a poverty affidavitoption for those who would like full access to all our features but honestly cannot spare even $24.

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  1. Looking for christian friends.To encourage each other in the word and stay strong as believers. And infuture can turn out to be good

    • Hie,iam Peter,looking to get a friend,whom together we can be encouraging each other,in prayer, studying the word of God,and in evangelising

  2. Hie iam Peter 35 from Africa,iam a bornagain christains,I would to correspond with any disregardles of age,just to encourage in our christain faith

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