What do pen pals do?

what do pen pals do
what do pen pals do

Pen pals or pen friends are actually friends that usually live far from each other , maybe in the same country or maybe in different countries.

Pen pals are type of friendship that exists for people who likes to know and have different kinds of relationships. Pen pals usually don’t meet each other and make their friendship by sending messages to each other.

These messages can be hand written letters or post cards or email or every new kind of contact tools!

People who like to have pen pal friends , search in communities and websites and social networks to see who is willing to be their pen pal friend. After finding a person they will start exchanging messages to know more about each other .

Pen pal friends can talk about different topics they like , or can do language exchange to improve their language skills . The can talk about their culture , foods , people and … .

Maybe after some message exchanges you know you have choosed a wrong person as your pen pal! Don’t worry that’s completely normal because you have never met that person. You just need to keep trying to find new pen pals and know about them.

By starting to have new pen pals you will get more and more friends. and if you like this kind of friendship you can extend your relationship with them.

For example meet them in person and spend times with them šŸ™‚

For an advice i suggest you to find pen pals around your age who have almost same interests as you , this way you will have more topics to talk about and helps to keep your pen pal friendship šŸ™‚

If you like to see where you can find new pen pal friends about your age and with your interests , take a look at citymity penpals social network:


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