PenpalsNow! — Pen Pals for Everyone – FREE, FAST, NOW!

PenpalsNow! — Pen Pals for Everyone – FREE, FAST, NOW!




About PenpalsNow

PenpalsNow is a free, simple to use pen pal service, run by Peterweb Creations. It is an online-only service, available in various forms since 1996 (Peterweb Penpals,1996 – Nov 1997, PenpalsNow March 1997-2???), now containing over 30,000 pen pal ads from over 150 countries all over the world. PenpalsNow is and will try to remain free for its users. The service is supported by banner advertising revenues.



  • it’s FREE for everyone: submitting your pen pal ad is free, and si is viewing other people’s pen pal ads
  • very effective search engine: our pen pal search engine lets you search through thousands of ads in no time, and also lets you speficy what kind of pen pals your are looking for (age group, sex, country, hobbies,…)
  • instant additions, modifications, deletions: this is a completely automated service, so there are no delays when submitting, modifying or deleting your ad!
  • password protected ads: your ad is password protected, making it possible for you to edit or delete it whenever you feel like it
  • simplicity of use: PenpalsNow has been described by many many users as extremely simple to use, and the latest version tries to be even simpler…



Find Pen Pals

Don’t want to expose yourself by submitting your own free pen pal ads? No problem, thousands of pen pal ads are waiting for you at PenpalsNow – you can either use our powerful search engine to SEARCH FOR PEN PALS by age group, sex, country,… or if you like to take your time and view as many ads as possible, BROWSE THROUGH CATEGORIZED PEN PAL LISTINGS…


Be Found! (Submit Your Ad)

Ready to submit your free pen pal ad to PenpalsNow, describe yourself, your interests and your pen pal wishes and let other people find you?SUBMIT YOUR PEN PAL AD NOW!

Or, if you need to change your pen pal message or other parts your ad, just use our Modify function….

Got enough pen pals through PenpalsNow?

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