What are some safe sites to meet a teenage penpal?

What are some safe sites to meet a teenage penpal?

Since I’m a girl, it’d be nice to have a girl penpal, however I’m not too picky. I would love a site where I could meet people who could really use a good friend (i.e. kids with cancer (or other terminal diseases), kids fighting depression, etc.). I would prefer a site that does background checks, and is free. E-mail pals would be nice, too, since that’s a little safer than posting your address.
I’ve been looking for a site like that for a while now… but if yuu want I’ll be your penpal.. if you don’t mind me being 18 that is.. 😀 

email or snail mail, whatever 

anyways im just offering! 😀
You can find out good penpals using penpal websites. 
Here are my favorites. 
These are safe and all free. 

At http://www.friendship22.com you can browse penpals from all the continents, decide if you’d like to write to a boy or girl, find out their occupation, read what they have to say about themselves! It’s FAST EASY and FREE! 

Unlike other penpal websites, FRIENDSHIP22.COM is not about Dating! It says that we are here to help people of likeminded interests from different parts of the world find friends in a safe and moderated environment. 

FRIENDSHIP22.COM lets you post your own profile and instantly others can find you! 

But most of all – HAVE FUN!

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