Need a penpal , where to look?

Need a penpal, where to look?

I stay at home most days and thought it would be nice to have someone to write (email). Any ideas?
ill penpal with you, that could be fun. just email if you want 🙂 no im not a crazy old man lol 

i live in tx
go onto this site you add your profil ppl e-mail u then you look at other profil and e-mail them
Sure, check profiles and find someone interesting to you.
I’ll be your magic marker pal…they smell better and come in different colors!…e-mail me
I too need one and going to those site.. 
I will be your penpal. Just send me a message.
Half the pen pals sites on the net are actually internet sex sites but I did manage to find a few legtimate ones. It’s just been so long I’m having a bit of trouble remembering: I think they were something like or I do remember how I found them – I did a Google search for “Pen Pals” and then “Pen Friends”. Then I spent some time sifting through those sites for legitimate ones. Just make sure you have up to date anti-virus and anti-spam when you’re doing the sifting. Some are just covers for porn sites too. I’d steer clear of write-to-an-inmate sites after my one experience too. 

The people I eventually found were great fun and very interesting. Unfortunately I let the whole thing drop for other reasons. 

Hope that’s some help.

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