Where to get a penpal ?

Where to get a penpal ?

I want a penpal that I can write letters to and mail them in the mail instead of online. I’m interested in one that knows Spanish cause I’m learning it. I’m 15 and a girl if that helps. I would like my penpal to live in spain. Thanks!
 I have two penpals in foreign countries. I met them both here on Yahoo! Answers – I just browsed the ‘Languages’ category.
for the price of a cup of coffee per day not only can you get detailed letters once a month telling you how little achman is doing but you will be feeding him while his family sits there hungrily watching him eat his steamed rice and fish broth.
im italian!u could email me and tell me ur msn!so ill improve my english and i ll teach u utalian!ciao!
Fell free to mail me, always looking for new penpals unless emailpal doesn’t count :O 



How can I get a penpal?

How can I get a penpal from another country or even from another state? I think this was such a neat idea but it seems as though no one does it anymore 🙁
I used a website called HelloPenpals. All you do is sign up, create a quick profile and start contacting other listed penpals. It’s pretty easy to use. I’ve linked to it below. 

There’s also Postcrossing. It’s a project that allows anyone to receive postcards (real ones, not electronic) from random places in the world.



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