I would like to have a amish penpal?

I would like to have a amish penpal?

if anyone knows how i can get a amish penpal please let me know. I would prefer to have one from lancaster county.
 yes i know that having a pen pal means to write that is why i am asking i read alot about the amish. i thought someone out there may know someone that was amish that would help me out
Just to be clear, are you looking for gay amish people? 

And yes agree with above post. Penpal. PEN-pal. Means you use a pen, and WRITE to people. Do you remember “writing”?
lol at the person who thinks having a PEN PAL involves a computer o.O
last time i checked amish people dont know how to use computers..heck, they hand wash their clothes =/

I’d probably hang around some of the Amish towns, including visiting the great town of Lancaster – try the market there, where some of the stall holders are Amish people. Chat with people and get to know them, and ask around if they would like a penpal etc. 

If you’re not local to Lancaster county, then it’s going to be a bit harder, as the Amish don’t use the technology that the rest of us use. In the town of Intercourse, Pa, there’s a hardware store that has a sign that says ‘No tourists’, so not all Amish are that welcoming of outsiders. Intercourse is a small place, with coffee shops etc, where you can chat with people. 

It could be a tough time, as the society is a little closed. 

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

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