Can u guys give an example letter for pen pal ?

Can u guys give an example letter for penpal ? I want to send it to my penpal in Korea .?

Please ~ Maybe u guys can write it in Hangul and Romanization . Kamsahnida ! Y-Y
 I see that you have a Korean penpal. The most important thing is you have to write in a language you both can understand. If this is your very first letter for him/her, tell them a bit about yourself (hobby,interest,favourite singer,etc). I assume you know your penpal by sharing the same interest toward a certain kpop group. This can be a great issue to be discussed together. –> this is a link for english-korean or korean-english dictionary. you might want to write a little bit korean to him/her.

Well you have to write it yourself. Otherwise it wouldn’t be your letter. You can tell them about yourself, about what you do. Try to find out your penpals interests. Feel free to write what you want 🙂
Omg how did you get a korean penpal because I would love to have one 😀 

Any way try finding common interests between you 2 if you guys are around the same age its even better maybe find music interests hobbies things like that and as for the language barrier if it helps write it in english first then translate it piece by piece I know the sentence structure is like adjective noun verb or something like that for them and some words that are adjectives in english might be nouns or verbs to them just keep that in mind even if you only write the words you know in korean only it shows that you’re trying to overcome the barrier

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