PENPAL Wanted !

PENPAL Wanted !!! … ?

I have always wanted a pen-pal . . . 

I would need one thats speaks English or some English … i would also learn another language so if there are any offers … just let me know 

Also i am in the middle of learning Spanish btw i am 13 and from the UK

Update: I no wat you mean thats why it has been so hard to find one … 

i mean i’m just a girl who has always dreamt of chatting with somebody bfrom across the globe it’s just ppl dont seem to want to any more mostly because they are worried about the ppl that are around … 🙁 It’s abit of a downer but you can only try … 🙂 

Sadly i go to a school which are not linked to othe contry’s we dont do forign exchange 🙁 and we don’t get given penpal’s either 

Hey! HERE!! I’m 13 too, btw! I never had penpal before! And of course, I’m a girl! 😀 i’m in the middle of learning french, but english would be preferable. So, where do we start? 🙂
I’d be down.. except it’s kinda scary nowadays not being able to trust anyone and all that..

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