Were can I get a penpal friend ?

Were can I get a penpal friend ?

umm….. yeah so i want sobody to talk to rather than emailing just my regular friends, since I liv in Tokyo I need some really good anwsers! XD ~arigato gozaimasu!!~ [means] (thank you very much!!!)
There are lots of free penpal websites. 
These are my favorite free penpal websites. 
You can use them! 


Hope I helped.
Hey! Japan? Cool! 
I speak some Japanese! 
you can email me 🙂 
I love my pen-pal (a friend kinda way)! I live in the U.S. and she does too. Maybe google it.
I want one too 
I’m from Ireland
i want a pen pal haha , internet,… i have one in south america, and i live in the us
Here! I met a cool dude I talk to from this site… one of my contacts. 

You can also other join sites that are like a little community/society, similar to Y!A. Writing sites, teen sites, etc… 

Google is powerful, my friend. 

P.S I’ve always wanted to talk to someone form Japan. Planning on paying a visit there when I get older… will I be the only black person? LOL

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