Looking for an inmate penpal ?

Looking for an inmate penpal?

I am interested in writing to inmates. I am absolutely NOT looking for a relationship. I just have a big heart and would like to help them if I can. Of course they do the crime they deserve the time, but I fully believe that people can change and I just want to give them someone to talk to. i know where to find a penpal at, but my fear is – I don’t want to give my home address to them. How can I solve that?
just be firm about it it doesn’t matter if it’s a inmate or not that is part of this whole thing withthe internet. SO NOt give your address, wehre you work or go to school, and idea of where to find you. You are best to use a nick name never give your real name. 
Tehy should respect you if you try to protect yourself if not I hate to say it but they aren’t the ones you should be writing to.
I just entered a very interesting new site for penpals of young people and kids. 
See the following site: 
You can use a PO Box which keeps anyone from knowing where your home address is and, as the other poster suggested, you can always use a different name – you should alert the post office (if you use a po box) or your postal carrier (if you decide to go with home delivery) that the ‘other’ person can receive mail at your address – just to be sure it isn’t sent back. 

While you didn’t ask… here is a post I put on another forum many moons ago…you’ll note that I capitalized NOT – as in ‘NOT looking’ in my post too. 🙂 

<i>So what do you look for in a pen pal? I’ve read well over a thousand ads and I am as lost as I when I started. 

All I’m looking for is to spread a bit of sunshine and so… male or female doesn’t matter; though I started with the female ads. I found that I was going through ads and putting each of the ads into the appropriate mental discard pile. Not this one because of ‘A’, not this one because of ‘B’, there’s another ‘A’ etc.The only pile that didn’t grow was the ‘write to this one’ pile. I get that this is not WriteAGirlorBoyscout.com but clearly my criterion for choosing a pen pal is too stringent. I thought my reasons were sound, but clearly they can’t be or I am no good to anyone. Please help me reevaluate. 

There are crimes that I assumed that I would be better off not writing to the person; child murderers and child molesters. I am speechless just thinking about it. I have two daughters and two granddaughters and simply cannot wrap my head around it. And yet, as I re-evaluate, I wonder if I shouldn’t find someone who I can’t imagine writing to. If it is truly an act of kindness, an altruistic act: does it matter? Is it selfishness and self-centeredness on my part that would seek someone else? I can’t be the only one that has asked myself these questions… I think, though I am not certain, that for me to bring some joy, sunshine, happiness – whatever, into this persons life, that we have to connect in some way. It doesn’t have to be much but … something. For instance, and please believe that I am not making fun or a judgment here, but this is a quote from an ad (almost in it’s entirety) that I found: “Down by whatever, easy going and funny. I’m not your wife or your baby momma. So don’t trip I’m not going to be all in your business.” Honestly, I don’t even know what all of that means, nor where to go to get it translated. Do you just go to the next ad? 

I am NOT looking for a girlfriend, wife or sex partner. If they are looking for a boyfriend, husband or sex partner – I’ve been avoiding them. Heck, I do that on the outside. I know that they may not be really looking. I get that they may be trying desperately to entice someone to write to them but that hardly seems to be the right way to start a friendship. I just stopped writing this post for a moment to do a quick search and checked out the first ten ads. Eight specifically asked for a relationship, of the remaining two – they were the shortest and second shortest of the ten ads, one only being a single line. Anyway, do you write anyway and say, “Hey, I’m not looking for a relationship but do you want to write anyway?” or do you just move on? Anyway, my reasons may not be yours but you all have been doing this longer than me and I would appreciate any advice you might offer.</i> 

Anyway… long story short. I am now ecstatically (happily doesn’t cut it) married to my penpal. I didn’t plan it – I certainly wasn’t looking for it – but love found me.

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