Where is a place i could find a penpal?

Where is a place i could find a penpal?

i live in the u.s. and i was just wondering if there was like a website where i could find people to have a pen pal with. 
ive always liked to have a pen pal. 
but it doesnt have to be in the us, as long as they can speak english, lol! 

do you know about any websites or anything?

Update: a pen pal is like where you write eachother through mailing.
 ill be ur penpal i live in US right now but ill be going to iraq in a few months and its always good to have some1 to write to while deployed
go to penpalworld.com!! i’ve already gotten 2 penpals from there! tons of people from all over the world are on it. it’s really good!
well when i wanted a pen pal 
i just asked a question on here! 
but instead of asking it in english 
i asked it under yahoo in spanish 
just post a question and someone will answer 


good luck 
if you want i’ll be your pen pal 
just send a msg 

edit: oh i thought you ment like using msn or aim or something like email

im looking for a penpal 2! u can find em on youtube. haha, but every1 hates me cause im famous>.<
omg i want a penpal tooo(: 
im looking back on this site 
so i can find a french penpal 
with someone who is about 
my age
unsure what penpal means becuase i never cared but proably here 

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