Are there any safe penpal websites on the web?

Are there any safe penpal websites on the web?

Hello  🙂 

I have been looking on the web for some time now looking for a SAFE penpal site where I can talk and meet new people through the web and email. 

I had a bad experience with a penpal website once that hooked me up with a penpal that was actually a man and NOT a kid that I thought it was! 

I would not like to fill out forms and stuff like that with personal information (because of all the creeps on the web) like where I live, my number etc etc 

Thank you for you time & thank you in advance for the answers =]

Oh you can try maybe you might find a pin-pal that your more connected with

You might give a try to I’ve used it myself and I must say it is quite good. While I do admit, out of all the people I used to talk to, I only still talk to two, those two I consider very good friends today and if I had to do it all again, I would. 

That said, good doesn’t always equal safe; it’s just the nature of penpal sites. You really need to build a good judge of character and a slight sense of caution/paranoia to be safe. I usually advocate being yourself, but not giving out any personal details about yourself (ie. Name, where you live, where you work/go to school, the standard stuff). 

As an alternative, I actually recommend a chat website: The Friendship Page Chat Room ( While it is a chatroom and not a penpal site in the strictest sense, I’ve found that it is one of the safest chat rooms around. It has a clearly defined set of rules that fit in with it’s idea that it’s a room for all ages which is enforced by the admins, who are all good people. I’ve been a regular for a while and everyone who goes there (with a few exceptions, as once again is the nature of the internet) is nice and friendly. 

I hope this has helped somewhat. Good Luck in your search.

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