being in love with your pen pal ?

Is it possible to be in love with your penpal?

Is it possible to be in love with your penpal, a person you never saw in your life, except in photos, but whom you know well cause you talk by messages alot? And if it is possible, is it right?
Of course it’s possible. Love has no rules. You’ve talked to her. You’ve seen her personality. I’m assuming you know all about her, and her life, having talked a lot. That’s all you need for love. 

They say you never really know somebody until you live with them, because that’s when you finally get the complete real picture of a person. So while you could definitely love them, there are a lot of things that could ruin that love.
Of course it’s possible. You’re opening up to another individual and falling in love with the qualities and personality you see through your letters and what you imagine through the photos you have. Don’t be too serious about it until you meet in person though!

BUT you are obviously loving an incomplete picture of a person. There are a million subtleties that can’t be accounted for. Just because a person communicates one way as a penpal doesn’t mean that is how they are in person. Just because you can talk as a penpal, doesn’t mean you can talk effortlessly in person. There are so many things that could turn you off if you were to meet in person that you have no idea about because you haven’t met. 

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