Snail mail penpals

Snail mail penpals?

Does anyone know of a good snail mail penpal site/sites for people aged from around thirteen to twenty or so. I’m Canadian and I have a penpal in Japan already, but I want more penpals from around the world, like Africa, China, Ireland, etc., anywhere is fine. I also want a safe site, if possible, a site like this Thank you for your help, all serious answers are appreciated.
I would to know a similar answer myself to older people too. I’ve always loved the lost art of letter writing. I had international pen pals as a teenager. I still keep in touch now and I’m 29. If you’re interested contact me @ Sabaecky450[@] I mean we’ll at least talk, i mean i don’t to exchange with the creepy lmao. By the way, the website that you posted didn’t work.
Penpals from around the world of different age categories. They post profiles to tell a little bit about themselves. 

Unfortunately most of them use email. You could try posting a profile and ask for them to write to you, though, and you should hopefully get a couple of letters in response. 

Good luck.

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