Where to find penpals :)?

Where to find penpals :)?

I’m looking for penpals between the ages of 20-25 from Ireland, Canada and France.. 
I’m 20 and I’m from Australia, anyone know any good sites I could use for this?
I really want a penpal from Scotland but any country works.
There are lots of free Penpal websites on the internet. 

I think you can find pen pals on these websites. 


If you can’t find out good pen pals on these websites, 

you can search other penpal websites on google. 

Hope I helped 🙂

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  1. Well, I’m real grateful for joining this site. I’m named Abdillahi Kituu from Garissa in Kenya. I feel at ease once chatting or rather making friendship with outside world, especially cute ladies who really know what love means!. My wishes for success and happiness to everyone on this site, I love you all.

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