Penpals are they still out there?

Penpals are they still out there?

I’m looking for people to talk to across the world! Make new friends, have discussions, debates and find out more about different cultures , religions & countries! Can anyone recommend a site where I can find like-minded people? Thanks 😀

You can meet many many people, people throughout the world, through Facebook. 

There’s actually a Facebook group called “Penpals” at

You can also play some of the Facebook games like “Zoo World” and add friends through that App page and visit with them. 

The same can go for exploring other people’s cultures by exploring Facebook groups based on those various cultures. 

For example, there is a Lakota language group at  and a French language page at

There’s even a group for Chinese language and culture in Ireland…. 

You just have to look for whatever you’re interested in. I’d start with the penpal group. 🙂
i can be your penpal, if you want, would you email me

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