Did you ever have a penpal? Did you ever meet? What happened?

Did you ever have a penpal? Did you ever meet? What happened?

I have a few email ones and a few snail-mail ones which I met on interpals. Overall, the email ones have stayed with me longer (over a year). 
I hope I meet some of my present penpals when I’m older, but somehow doubt it. I have penpals in: Malaysia, Portugal, the UK, Israel, Thailand and other locations. 
i did used to have a pen pal that was from england. we wrote to each other for about 2 year. i would have liked to have met her but i was only 14 at the time.
I have a pen pal in Japan, I’m in the US… 

We have never met but we share pictures with each other. 

We met on a Yahoo! Group for people that need a hip replacement… We are both 28.

 i had a penpal in australia for about 7 years. we ended up getting really close and he was really cool and i actually really care about him! 

but anyway, recently he got a girlfriend and it became really serious and she found me as a threat i guess and we no longer talk anymore. i guess she forced him to choose her or me and obviously he chose her since she’s there with him in real life and we were only email and msn friends. it really sucks because i really liked him as a friend… we had so much in common and always had so much to talk about. i would have liked to meet him someday but i guess he chose to not be a part of my life… which is understandable. i think i’m kind of sad about it but whatever….. you get over it.

i had a penpal we met and then he just disapeared

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