i want online japanese penpals (:?

i want online japanese penpals (:?

I’m looking for a snail mail penpal (it seems more personal, I guess? Plus, who doesn’t love getting a legit letter xD) from a Japanese person. Girl or boy, it doesn’t matter. (: 

I’m looking for an age range of probably 15-19, so where should I go to look for one?

Update: oh, not interpals please. :\ 

I’ve already joined that- and most people are looking for e-pals xD

You have asked this question before~ And no, not everyone on interpals are looking for e-pals. I’ve met many on there who are interested in snail mail, too. =P I’d be your Japanese pen pal, but I haven’t turned 15 yet (I will be in November) and I don’t think I could be a snail mail penpal, only an e-pal. Good luck, though. 🙂
Try this website, just put in the info and find some people, its a good site for what you seem to be looking for 🙂 


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