Looking for penpals? looking for penpals on the internet

Looking for penpals?

looking for penpals on the internet
 you can find many penpals at http://www.tpn.info this is a free Pen Pals Community with Forum and Chat. 
I will be your friend. I live in Ireland female and 42 if that helps ya any. You can add me are e-mail me
Penpals with what qualities? 
Age range? 

We need more info!!!

hey all need some to talk to on the comp letter or smoke signals….joke… lol n e ways sure if you want 2
Well yea I’m always up for a new friend, from anywhere, but it depends on what age, and the personality that you have.
Looking for pen pals to share power points, photos, some times penpal rated photos and movies
i would be your penpal…Where are you from? you can e-mail me if you want
yes i am ,but first tell me where u come from and ur gender 

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