modern penpals friendship

In modern type of penpal friendship that usually is called as keypal or epal , people use email messages and online websites or apps to make their penpal friendships instead of papers or old ways of posting true post offices.


Advantages of modern penpal friendships

This new modern ways has the advantage of saving money and being more immediate , this allows penpals to send many messages to their friends in a short period of time.


Disadvantages of modern penpal friendships

Modern ways have disadvantage to , for example is that the communication can be very ephemeral if the email messages are not routinely saved. Many people prefer to receive paper letters, gaining the satisfaction of seeing their name carefully printed on a thick envelope in the letterbox. Using postal mail, it is possible to trade coupons, swap slips, postcards, stamps and anything else light and flat enough to fit inside an envelope, often called “tuck-ins”. Many penpallers like to trade sheets of stickers, note cards and stationery sets. that it is not possible to be traded through a online website!


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