Would you like to be my french penpal?

Would you like to be my french penpal?

Hi, im a 16 year old girl living in Australia. Im planning on doing french in my final years of school but im not confident and would like to become more fluent. Is there anyone out there who speaks french ( whether you live in france or not) who would write to me in french and look over my responses?? 
i would appreciate anything soooo much and it wouldnt be a big commitment i promise:)!
Yeah, I can 🙂 Mail me and I’ll mail you back my MSN 

Also, www.busuu.com, is a good website to meet penpals, people from France and other Francophones are there 🙂
 im not french but this website can help you find a penpal from france i use it all the time because im learning japanese 

this is the homepage 

and this is were you look for any country 

and this is where you can find any penpal from France that will help you 


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