I’m looking for a penpal , need help :( ?!

I’m looking for a penpal , need help 🙁 ?!

Ok so I’m learning Japanese and Korean and I decided “what better way to learn than practice with someone” but I can’t seem to find anyone:/ 
I’ve signed up to a lot of penpal sites and I keep putting myself out there but I’m bumping more into creeps and lonely randoms than language exchange pals. If anyone knows a site I’m missing or if you know Japanese or Korean and would like to talk with someone please tell me. I can skype,email,or snail mail with who ever is interested:)

Can I be your penpan friend? 
I’m Korean man. 
If you are interested in being my penpal friend, send me an e-mail. 

citymity.com and interpals.net are awesome… 

You can search for specific things you’re looking for in a penpal. 

Hi, I recommend this site http://lang-8.com/ 

I’d only discovered it a few days ago and I really love it. You post journal entries on it and native speakers will come and correct it. How cool is that. You can practice both Japanese and Korean there. 

The great thing about this site is that you don’t have to give your email or contact in order to interact with other native speakers because they can just comment on your journal entries PM you or vice versa. So far did not come across any “creeps” or “lonely randoms” and I don’t think you probably will unless you give your email. But if you want to practice speaking you have no choice but to give your skype address or sth 

Happy studying =) 

ps* you are welcome to add me on lang-8, my name is Peridot there. I’m not learning Korean but I am learning Japanese. =)

There’s this site I’ve been using for the past six months or so and I’ve met really good friends there: http://www.penpal-net.info/ 

The site itself looks a bit old-fashioned but the nice thing about it is that (idk why though) almost everybody is either Korean/Japanese or foreigners that love Korean and Japanese culture. So it’s really cool! I’ve actually met a lot of Korean teenagers using this site, and I even added some of them to Facebook after a while. There’s a lot of wonderful people there, and almost everybody there likes K-Pop, K-Dramas and Anime so it’s not like you won’t have anything to talk about~ 

It is a bit difficult to use the website at first, so let me explain how to sign up/search penpals: 
– You can choose between Normal Entry (without pics) or Photo Entry in the sidebar. I’d recommend you to use Photo Entry since more people (because they’ll see you are a real person) will message you. 
– To search for penpals (Index page) you have to choose between normal entry and photo entry and then you can choose between different ages, all countries, genre and stuff. 

Everything is free so don’t worry~ I hope it helps and you like it!

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