How to find penpals in other countries ?

How do you find penpals in other countries?

There are excellent sites dedicated to children/teenagers wishing to meet other children/teenagers their age. Two sites that come to mind I will list below. Interpals is more of a myspace type setting for penpal exchange. You set up a profile and state what you want in a penpal. You can also browse other people and see what they like and such. You can send them a message and once you all have talked, you can IM each other and talk more on the website. If you wish, you can give them your email address to talk more. 
The second site Students of the world is more of an ad. You place your desired message in an ad and tell what you’re looking for and such. There is a small part where you fill out your interests, but that is it. People will email you as they see your ad and find interest in it. I think interpals would be more fun, but it’s up to you. Talk to an adult or someone older for more ways on obtaining a penpal. Having a penpal is a good way to learn about the culture and life of children in other countries. Hope this helps.


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