How do I find an online penpal friend in a certain area?

How do I find an online penpal in a certain area?

I’m moving over the summer, and I have a hard time approaching people, so I figured that if I already know someone it might help me a bit. But, the only problem is how I can meet that person. 
I figures that penpals would be a good way to start. Not like the actual writing penpal, but the email penpal. I just need someone from New Mexico. 
Help? Please and thank you!

Well, Use website: 

Students of the world 

Search that on google. 

On there homepage you can click on their penpal site. 

From there you can choose the country you want your penpal from. They’ll be the adverts from kids in that country. In each ad there is their name, age, gender, what languages they speak and a little bit about them. You can then safely message them when you click on their ad. They’ll see your email, but you can’t see theirs. If they want to be friends with you, they’ll reply. Therefore, it’s safe for them. 

Or, when you get on their penpal site, you can create your own ad, saying you want an Email Penpal from New Mexico, who is… ( girl, boy or don’t mind?) and so on… 

I looked at different ads on this site and couldn’t decide, so in the end made my own ad. I now have 2 very nice penpals, one from America and one from France! And I got their emails a night after I put up my ad. This site is always brimming with people hoping for a penpal!

well a better place to look would be on social networking sites like myspace, facebook, ect 
search for people who live in germany and then send them a comment or message asking if theyd like to be your pen pal hope that site can help you.

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