How can I get a children penpal ?

How can I get a penpal?

i want to write to sick children with cancer or other illnesses. i love to write and i want to make somebody feel better. i know there are tons of children that would love to get letters, i just don’t know how to do this. thanks so much 🙂

At you can browse penpals from all the continents, decide if you’d like to write to a boy or girl, find out their occupation, read what they have to say about themselves! It’s FAST EASY and FREE! 

Unlike other penpal websites, FRIENDSHIP22.COM is not about Dating! It says that we are here to help people of likeminded interests from different parts of the world find friends in a safe and moderated environment. 

FRIENDSHIP22.COM lets you post your own profile and instantly others can find you! 

But most of all – HAVE FUN!

How about join a penpal website? 
There are lots of penpal websites. 
And I think some of the users on the penpal websites need somebody like you. 
Here are my favorites. 

Hope I helped 🙂
You could start by contacting some children’s hospitals and asking if they have any programs for that kind of thing.
use  citymity for children penpals

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