Where Can I Find A Safe PenPal Website?

Where Can I Find A Safe PenPal Website?

My Class has used epals and several other websites that haven’t responded yet we would like one that can respond to the whole class. Please tell us a nice safe proffesional website that is up to date! Thanx
Honestly I don’t think there are any websites that are safe. Child predators are everywhere and especially where they know kids will be.
Safe? It’s the internet. On the one hand, nothing’s “safe”. On the other hand, you’ll be writing to someone far, far away. Nothing could be safer than that.
Here I recommend seekwealthy.com. It’s a high caliber website for friendship, relationships and dating. I saw many guys are just looking for friendship there rather than dating.
  I use Penpal International. Other people can send you messages based on your profile, but original messages go to a mail account actually on their website so that you can screen them before actually giving your information. There are weirdoes on every site, but I’ve found that PPI has the best screening system. The site is 


It’s great because you can browse by country and gender as well, so if you want to choose someone to contact you can be specific.

Try these websites: 
Good Luck.
Try http://www.livemocha.com 

Hope that helps!

or try www.blackplanet.com
Global language exchange (messenger, e-mail, voice): 

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