Why my penpal is avoiding me?

So we were penpals for five years and we've shared a lot through email when I used to live in another country. Now, Im back and I wanted to meet my penpal. 
It was hard because I have to go to school and stuff. 
So, I managed to go to her city finally and guess what. She didn't answer my email 
and we didn't meet! 
She still wants me to remain her penpal and write to her. 
I will but this has hurt me. 
Why did she avoid me?
maybe she was just busy that day. if u 2 have been talkin for 5 years then she wouldnt want to stop talkin to u altogether. u should let her contact u first. hope this helps
Maybe shes busy and doesn't want to hurt your feelings. No offence but Penpals dont always work, so hang out with your other friends and maybe your ''pen pal'' will come back to you.
Well, it is called a penpal. Maybe, she is just old fashioned and just wants to write to you. Possibly, she may not want the face to face relationship. I am not really sure, but it could be a possiblity.