Why would you have a penpal with someone you met only for 3 hours?

I was in england and i met this guy on my last night there. we hung out for 3 hours, but the chemistry that we had was amazing...intellectually and just the connection we had. we switched emails and i wrote him and he wrote me back. why would you keep in contact if the possibilities of anything happening is slim? i'm in the states and he's originally from canada, but he travels a lot. what are the possibilities of penpal relationships or just friendship working out? is this stupid? and guys answer please: what is he thinking?
How long to do you need to meet someone before you can write to them? When I was in grade school I had a penpal in sweeden that I never even saw a picture of. Go for it, reach out and touch someone. 

Knowing absolutely nothing about your guy other than his country of origen I can safely say he's thinking one of three things 
1. I am totally intot this girl I wish I didn't live in England 
2. I hate my parents, I can't wait until I turn 12 and they stop treating me like a kid. 
3. I could lick Ryan Seacrest's *** all day long. 

Because the only kind of boy to gives a girl the time of day and doesn't want her is a little kid or a gay guy.
www.penpalsnow.com i got a lot of penpals here and it's free.
i see nothing wrong in keeping in touch, no relationship expectations now, but keep in your back pocket, maybe latter.