Want a penpal, but not sure about security? is it safe ?

I've always wanted a penpal, and now I'm ready to try and get one but my mom is concerned about security. As much as I tell her that no matter where I go, people with ill intentions will be there she won't listen. How do I find a penpal, while decreasing my chances of bumping into a creepy person? Also how can I convince my mom to take the risk and change her mind? 

P.S. I'm 17 if that helps, and it would be nice if people could include any website references
I'm looking for via email or snail mail ( pen and paper) penals

Would like penpal with msn 10-14?

I would like a penpal who has a msn and know fluent english between the age of 10-14. I am in grade 6 and would like to write things and share it to someone and will also write back. Thx

I want to find a penpal to actually write letters to and i don't know how i can?

I don't like the computer to much, and i hate email. I love writing letters though but i have no one to write to. I would love to meet someone new from some where else ^.^ But i want to write letters to them instead of internet talking. Can anyone do that with me or tell me how to find someone ?
i have tried googleing it and it didn't work to well >.<

Why my penpal is avoiding me?

So we were penpals for five years and we've shared a lot through email when I used to live in another country. Now, Im back and I wanted to meet my penpal. 
It was hard because I have to go to school and stuff. 
So, I managed to go to her city finally and guess what. She didn't answer my email 
and we didn't meet! 
She still wants me to remain her penpal and write to her. 
I will but this has hurt me. 
Why did she avoid me?