French Pen Pal ?

French PenPal?

I live in San Antonio, Texas. 
I’d love a penpal from France, who is mostly fluent in both English and French. 
I’m doing this because I’m told one of the easy ways to learn French is through a penpal. 
Someone that can commit to at least* 2 Emails a week. 

Please leave your Email address if you are interested.

go to 
you can find many different french penpals on this site. you can also put up your own advertisements about what kind of qualities you have, and which group of penpals you’d like to have… etc.. its a pretty cool site. I had to use it for my French course to practice French conversation.
Source(s):French major who visits this site frequently. Cheers! 🙂
Learning how to speak French is easier than most people think even if you don’t have a penpal. Check out how I’m doing this at
Crzi dtfi ? mmmmm…. 

Bonjour, whatever your name… 

I am french, I live in France, and I would be glad to correspond with you either in french or in english! 

I let you my email:

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