Penpal scam ?

Penpal scam?

I recently joined a penpal site and I’ve been getting a lot of emails from Korea and Ghana.One person asked me for my phone number.(Don’t worry,I didn’t give it).Is this some kind of scam,and if yes,what could it be?
 i also had that when i joined a penpal site. whatever you do, don’t send them any money and any personal information that might be sensitive, you should be fine. also, if you think their pics are a bit too professional, nah, don’t bother. and also, as soon as i hear (see) the words nigeria, marriage proposals after two emails, evacuation camp, pastor somebody, reverend somebody, i just tell them to bugger off.
Yes. Don’t ever give anyone your phone number- it might be for some dark purposes. Just give him your skype and email address if you want,but I wouldn’t step in any further then that. Most of the time these guys try to connect you with different people that you don’t know,and sooner or later you get on the road of trouble. Don’t go in any more because you’ll just get in a real big mess. One time a friend of mine had a pen pal from Guatemala,a guy that was supposed to be 16 years old and living in a poor country. They wrote for a while,and things were fine,but then came the other requests. All of a sudden tons of mail came to her from all different parts of the world,asking for cash (sometimes even up to $500,000). Now what would a 16 year old guy living in a ‘poor’ country need all that for? So she stopped writing to him. It was probably just some kid playing jokes and wanting to get some ‘quick cash’.
well the worst they could do with a phone number is get your adress and junk mail you back into the late 90’s. Though I will say that your number is one of several things that they could use to impersonate you. Just don’t send them any more information.

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