Ebay and penpal… how do they work?

Ebay and penpal… how do they work?

can somebody explain IN DEPTH how ebay and penpal work…i want to use them but no clue how… 
lets say if i had a stupid cup and i wanted to selll for 10 cents… the shipping… lets say is $2… who pays for the shipping???… what happens if you ship the item and you dont get paid? 

please tell me lots about penpal and ebay thanks.


ebay and paypal (not penpal) are two different websites and ebay is where you choose what your buying/selling and paypal is where you recieve/send your payments. I wont go into how to sign up for them because its pretty easy (just follow all the directions and read everything carefully) 

Ok, say you have a cup you want to sell for 10 cents, after you set up an ebay account and a sellers account you then put your item up for auction (add a picture, type up a description about the item, etc) 

When someone finally wins the auction and pays for it (they pay for the shipping as well) the money will be sent to you through Paypal, from paypal you can transfer the money to your bank account. 

You dont have to worry about you shipping the item and not getting payed because your suppose to wait for the payment to show up in your paypal account first, THEN you go send the package using UPS, FEDEX, or whatever you want.

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